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     Hello my name is Monique James the CEO/Founder of Parents Helping Hands/Parents Round Table Talk. I am a mother of a 20yrs old son but a parent to many. I was a senior graduating high school when I found out I was pregnant with my son.  So I know firsthand what it means to be a teen mom.

     Through my life experience is where Parents Helping Hands was birthed. My vision for my non for profit is that we take some of the teachings that we where afforded as young girls and share with each other as adult parents.

     So I have created a safe space were we can come together, share, learn, teach and re-learn how to be better parents. We can do this by listening, understanding, and sharing life lessons with one another. I consider myself a young mom but, I come from the old school moms.

     I am currently retired form NYPD Traffic Division. I am also a Deacon at Rivers@ Rehoboth church located in New York, NY.


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