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Conference call:  Access Number (567) 704-0429

Primary Pass code: 2014#

Loving our kids enough to let them grow - when our children become adults we have to love them enough to let them grow. They must be allowed to use all the things they were taught as children. They will always be our babies but they are to be looked at as our adult children. When they leave the nest we must continue to live our life.  Don't make them your whole world and then when they grow up and go off to school  you have nothing planned.

We grow up as we are raising our children to become better people in society. However we also become better parents because of the lessons we learned as parents.

Join us in Discussing with other parents the many difficulties we go through.

Conference Call Key Numbers:

  •  Exit Conference - *3 key

Exits the conference call (disconnect).

  • Instructions - *4 key

Plays a menu of touch tone commands.

  • Mute - *6 key

Pressing *6 will mute the line. Pressing *6 again will un-mute the line.



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